Depression Isn’t Tangible But Neither is the Solution.

Part of depression is not being willing to forgive. It may be someone who hurt you that you are unwilling to forgive. Maybe you did something and aren’t willing to forgive yourself. But it takes strength to be willing to forgive. And often times when we are hurting or falling into a mental state of depression, we do not have much strength. Our depression only festers in our heart and mind and makes our soul weak. We start to believe we aren’t even able to overcome.

We lack the understanding of how great we are. We dwell on the past or present hurt and see it as being too big for us to handle.


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We could have the greatest encouragers beside us with the wisdom to help us overcome our depression or horrifying mental state, but WE still feel helpless. We feel they can’t heal us from our depression, and I keep referring to our mental state because that’s where it starts. That is where depression lives – in the mind. It is not tangible although it may make us do harm to ourselves or others around us.

You have to see that if we are to let the things around us dictate how we feel about who we are, then we’re doomed. Too many times we let other people’s words or actions dictate how we feel about ourselves. You have to understand that this is a huge part of how you find control. You can change your thoughts, how you feel about yourself, what you believe to be right and wrong. Letting certain thoughts in and blocking others out.


You need to think about what you let in your heart because you know it’s the truth and what you push away because you know they are lies. This goes along with the own voice in your head.

You are not damaged to the point of no repair. You are not a horrible person who’s life carries no value. You are not helpless nor are you hopeless. But you have to understand that you are broken, hurting and in need of healing. You have to come to terms with the fact that you do not have the strength and are weak to your struggle of depression.


 all a dream we dreamed


In understanding this lack of strength and in facing the fact that you need help. THIS is the beginning to getting out of this pit of depression.

You need God. You need Him in more ways than one. I want you to hear this because I know this as the truth, and it is important for me to share with you what I believe to be true.

If we can get passed the part of being offended and look towards what He has to offer you, I think then you can truly see the love, healing, forgiveness, and heart transforming He can do in your life.


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Firstly, God freely forgives those who ask for forgiveness. He also has the strength and power to help you forgive yourself and others.  He has created you for a life that is worth living, one that does not have you waking up every morning dwelling on the hurt and pain you or others have caused you. One where you can right your wrongs. He can build you up to be a stronger, more proud, more joyful, more productive person. He can fill you with promise and hope and offers you a relationship that is eternal. Never ending. You will never be alone, and you will always have your dad watching over you, guiding you, loving you, teaching you and believing in you.


Depression is an attack from the enemy. Bad things happen in life, things we cannot control. We also make poor decisions – some worse than others obviously – with consequences that we may not have foreseen happening.  Again there is your creator, your dad in heaven, who wants nothing but to take these things from you. Who can take those burdens and who can make things just. No one is too far gone for God to take in. The enemy  – “Depression” – would like you to think you aren’t worth His time or that you are too far gone and won’t be forgiven. That is a lie. I know this because I was depressed, and I thought the same.

Have you ever heard someone talk about depression? It’s like its another person.. they say “I’m fighting depression”. That is correct, you are fighting depression, but you are fighting it with the little strength you have left, and it is winning.

If you don’t feel anything, if you feel hollow, if you feel hopeless or helpless, then yes, depression is winning. But God tells us that HE can give you the strength. He delights in us asking Him for strength. He takes joy in us recognizing that He is the answer and that He is the healer and fixer of our struggles. We can not let the enemy win this battle of the mind. If we do, then our lives will not be what they were meant for.

We are meant to love ourselves, love others, love God, love our life, love what we do in life, love what God created in our lives. With depression it is very difficult to even recognize where God is in life. This again is based on the enemy implementing pain and suffering in hopes that you will be engulfed in it. In hopes that our life here on earth is like living in hell.


God created us all with desires and tools and gifts. To help and love the ones around us and to bring Him love and glory. There are counselors who have a heart in helping people who battle depression. These people have the heart for this because God gave them the gift and desire to do so.

There are places to talk openly about battling depression to be encouraged. This place–Heart Support–was a gift from God.


It would be a shame to think that because you don’t want to give God the chance to give you strength to overcome your fight that not only do you continue to hurt and struggle, but that we lost a beautiful, smart, unique and very important person to the enemy of depression.


You won’t find satisfaction in not forgiving. You won’t find satisfaction in revenge, and you won’t find satisfaction in anything tangible. What you will find satisfaction in is in living, walking, talking and hearing a God that created you specifically for the purpose of love, joy and praise.

I speak this way because I know this Dad. I know this God. I battled depression and resentment for a long, long time. The God I speak about is the same one who got me out, set me free, healed me, and continues to inspire me and lead me to bigger, greater, and more joyful things and to a much more beautiful, purpose-driven life.




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  • Trent

    Thanks, man. I appreciate this greatly 🙂

    • Jacobluhrs

      awesome man! Thanks for reading. I”m glad it could be encouraging.
      God Bless!

  • Jaxon S

    This means so much to me. I’m battling depression constantly in my life…this encourages me to brighten things up! Thank you so much, you’re my biggest inspiration!

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