Dedication or an addiction?

Are you dedicated to your craft or consumed by addiction?



I’m just starting to realize that what a lot of people call their “career” “passion” or “desire” can often times be an unknown addiction in their heart, but no one seems to see it that way.

Especially if what they’re doing isn’t “hurting” anyone….


I bring this up because I just happen to be that guy. I’m addicted to quite a few things in my life.  And in realizing this, I’ve discovered that moderation is the key to avoiding an addiction, because of the balance you set in motion.

I’m not here to start a debate over whether alcohol is right or worng, you have to make that decision yourself based on your beliefs, but let’s think about it for a second.

Would a glass of wine with dinner be considered evil? Not by many people. But would drinking 8 bottle of wine and waking up in a ditch be considered destructive? Definitely!

Moderation is the key. A drink no longer becomes a “drink” but drunkenness. When something is taken to the extreme it can easily become an addiction becuase the balance is no longer there. It doesn’t even have to be alcohol. If you consume 5 sodas a day think about how destructive all that sugar is towards your body. Yet, it’s quite common for many people and high school students to drink soda after soda without thinking of the consequences. It’s funny that we put limitations on things we see as “evil” due to social stigma, but the reality is EVERYTHING can be taken to the extreme if there’s not balance.

Lets look at other ways we can see a “good thing” go bad.


Perhaps you know a parent like this or this is your dad. He works 10 hour days 5-6 days a week. Then he comes home and is so exhausted that he needs to just relax on the couch or go to bed early?

This is another good thing gone wrong. The man is picking up his responsibility to work and support his family and he’s providing. I applaud that as so many other fathers just decide to shut the door, get in the car and never return.

But the problem is he’s overworking himself and is unable to feed his family emotionally or spiritually. He lacks his own personal time, time with family and is unfortunately always running on empty which leads him to being there physically but being checked out emotionally.  And this is why you see so many young men and women who had everything they wanted in life, and yet completely hate their fathers.

What about relationships?


How many of us have been OBSESSED with someone? I know I’m guilty!

I’m fairly certain I stalked a girl in middle school. I straight up called her all the time, always talking about her, trying to “bump” into her at parties or shows. I’d even try and flirt with other girls around her to make her jealous. The funny thing is we were friends and actually had an amazing relationship. We would open up to one another and end up talking for hours on the phone and often discuss very real personal issues.

The problem?

I was in the dreaded “friend zone”.

In the end, I tried taking it somewhere way beyond with my obsession over her. That only distanced us and pretty soon she wanted nothing to do with me.

We need to really take a look at what we desire/love/want and see how we are keeping balance in our lives.

If we desire to have relationships with others then we need to make sure we don’t get consumed by them. We love working hard at our jobs or dreams. Let’s just make sure we don’t end up abandoning other important things in our lives while doing so. Enjoy a tasty beverage from time to time? Sure, just don’t let it control you.

Bottom line? You should have control in the things in life or they will end up controlling you.

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  • Cjames29

    Can I be addicted to God and it to have a negative impact emotionally? Sometimes I feel that way. :/

    • PJ

      I feel the same way sometimes bro. I will sit here for hours and be reading and looking for answers and I will actually get more discouraged than lifted up and it becomes extremely weighing on your spirit. If you look deeper in to it though it comes from a lack of trusting in God. The whole time I am doing this I feel like God is up there just saying, “trust me. Just trust me. Go about your day and just walk through it and now I am God and you need not to worry.” So I guess in other words when I am nervous or my spirit is in turmoil instead of just saying “OK God, I know you love I know you can see what I’m going through I’m going to trust that you will take care of this”, it turns in to an addiction searching through the scriptures for an answer tailored specifically to my circumstance instead of just trusting.

      I started to read a book by Watchman Nee titled “Sit, Walk, Stand.” and it explains that we must learn how to sit first. So many of us get is backwards and think we have to walk or do something to be a Christian when all Jesus said was believe. That’s it. That is all we have to do. He says “Just know that I AM.”

      So for me bro it became an addiction because I was looking for something instead of just resting and sitting at Jesus’ feet. He will bring the scripture to your heart. One thing I also do more recently than not is praying for joy. “God, help me to enjoy my day today. Help me to have pure joy from you. Not in material things or anything like that but just joy in knowing that you created me and that I am your child. Just joy because I know you.” Hope this helps bro and know you are not alone. We all go through it. GB.

      • Jacobluhrs

        man that is awesome! Thanks for that, i’ll be praying for taking joy in just knowing the Lord loves me and created me for Him.
        Thanks for sharing and reading the blog.

    • Jacobluhrs

      I don’t think you can be addicted to God, however i think you could be addicted to religion. Honestly ha funny enough i’d say bring that to the throne of Christ and see what God says Himself.
      I think we can always desire and pursue God’s heart in our lives, and i don’t think we can get enough of that. However we can be manipulated or influenced by religious people or things around us to make us think we are serving, loving, and pursing God when really it’s the faith/religious views and morals that get corrupt inside our minds that detour us from relationship to religion. Does this make sense to you?
      God Bless you.

  • Steffan Clark

    Very good blog Jake!! I love reading your stuff because its always so relatable. I can’t wait to meet you on warped this summer in MI 🙂

    • Jacobluhrs

      Awesome man! Thanks for reading, yeah Heart Support will have a merch booth on the tour so chances are i’ll see you there, if not perhaps the abr tent! Thanks for being a part of Heart Support.

  • PJ

    Thanks for this Jake. I find myself “going to the extreme” many times and I can’t seem to get that thing out of my head whatever it is I am going after. It eventually becomes a weight on my shoulders and I become “addicted” to it finding any way to make it happen until I realize what I am doing and finally decide to stop thinking about it / stop pursuing it for a time and then go back to it after. Balance is key here to a lot of things in life. Thanks for writing this post and for persevering with the others keeping this site going. GB.

    • Jacobluhrs

      No problem, thanks for taking the time to read. I appreciate you commenting and i’m glad you can recognize that in your life. Thats the first step is recognizing the issues we have and then the hard part is facing them.
      Keep moving and working on becoming who you wish to be.
      God Bless,

  • Sid1


    First i just want want to say, thank you so much for indirectly leading me to this page. It’s completely what I needed right now in my life. Secondly, thank you for writing this article. I have so many things pulling me in 20 different directions right now and eating away at my thoughts 24/7. Some of which I can’t do anything about such as my medical issues but this article made me realize that some of these things I possibly am doing to myself and I can/need to set the course straight and clear my head and not pull myself apart over such little things. Your newest song has made me feel so much comfort in a way that I wrote you a letter I would love to hand to you in person at warped this year. Hope I get to meet you there and share my thoughts on paper with you. Agin agin, thank you for this article.

  • Abel Flores

    Amen! Your such inspiration to me! This article was straight up and is the truth!! We shouldn’t be judging anyone the only person who should be judging is our God he is the only one who should be judging… And addictions can only be fixed by God and that’s all by faith and prayer… I just ask you pray for me cause I am a follower of God and a messenger and it’s been getting tough when it’s all most everyone vs me saying God is this and that and losing all my friends cause of my belief and not drinking and smoking never once in my life and I thank God for that but after awhile I know I have God but when the enemy is attacking me everyday and everyone against me it gets hard… I feel lonely at times I just need prayer that I still have the motivation and strength for God cause I have been through so much things with hate mails… To people bringing me down when I pass the word and read the word at school. I’ve never had a Christian friend in my life so that’s also been hard to deal with but I chose God over friends and I know chose the right path.. Just please please keep me in your prayers I don’t wanna lose my faith and please pray that I overcome everything and all the obstacles and I’m a huge fan!! Ill be seeing you at the warp tour on June 20 God bless my name is Abel Flores twitter is @ajmoss2196 and we have talked a couple of times over twitter which your replies really make my day! And I also pray for you everyday that you keep the faith and always stay humble!! Cause your a great role model for God and you’ve changed so many lives when you get to heaven god will definitely reward you!! Thanks for listening I know it is long sorry… Sincerely Abel Flores @ajmoss2196

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