.Casting Pearls.


.Casting Pearls.


There is a verse in the book of Matthew that has been coming to mind lately, and I’ve realized that it really is speaking to me through a relationship I have in my life. 

“Don’t cast your pearls to swine… (Matt. 7:6)” I interpret this scripture as not giving your time to something that is not worthy of it; to not INVEST in something that isn’t bearing any goodness or change for the better. There can be so many different situations where this scripture could speak to you, but in my instance, it does about a person close to my life. 

Let me further explain the situation at hand: I’ve known this person for years. They always like to discuss their problems with me, and always seems to be in a ditch in their own life. They’re always asking what they should do to turn things around and how I was able to do it. I talk about how I found Christ, how He has really worked in my life to change me for the better, and that all these amazing things in my life I believe to be blessings from God. 

I have had this conversation with this person more times than I can count, yet there has been no growth forward change in them. I don’t mean it in the sense if they have found Christ or not, I mean they are still struggling in the same situations, but going backwards instead of forward. I’ve done quite a lot for this person: I’ve taken time to spend with them during my breaks between tours, I’ve given them money to support them through tough times, and I’ve given my TIME and words based on my own personal relationship with Christ. It took far too long, but I’ve finally realized that this person does not want to change for the better; they don’t want to grow up and take up their own sword in life. 

Thus, I have decided to not associate with this person until they truly make a real change, a change in their heart and one in their lifestyle. I was trying to help and I was giving that person advice, money, and my valuable time and, nothing was changing. Why do you ask? Because the problem is in their heart; it is an issue of the heart.

We really need to think about how much time we are investing into people and things in our lives and figure out if it’s really worth it. Someone that really respects you will listen to what you have to say and take heed to your words, not just hear it and then take your money… You get me? 

If you are spending a lot of time with someone, trying your best to help support and strengthen them, yet you see no change, what does that tell you? Don’t cast your pearls to swine.


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