Bible Study: Persecution



Jesus spoke of ‘persecutions’ coming upon his followers (Matt. 5:10-12; 10:23). This is best understood as the domestic hostility in family and synagogue caused by conversion to a new faith. Jesus did ‘not come to bring peace, but a sword’ (Matt. 10:34), dividing households and causing financial and social loss to his followers. Because of their distinctive faith, Jesus’ followers might lose ‘house, brothers, sisters, mother, father, children, and lands’ (Mark 10:29). The problem is domestic: ‘a man’s foes will be those of his household’ (Matt. 10:36). [1] ”researched: Logos Software”


This means truly laying down our lives, picking up the cross, and having a relationship with Christ doesn’t seem to be as easy as so many believe. Some think being a Christian is filled with perfect days, smiles and laughter, however it seems that Christ sends a message of sacrifice, loss, death to self righteousness, and persecution of all for believing in Him.  Even to the point of losing the closest ones to you for His sake. This is something that I have found true in some of my personal relationships with friends or family. Some do not accept that I have the faith and belief system that I do, and they tend to hold it against me. However, that does not influence or sway my faith, rather it fulfills what I know to be true. Do you struggle with this as well? What does this scripture mean to you?


Upon adding this scripture to the aspect of forgiveness, you then have division through your faith in Christ with surrounding family members or friends. We are called to forgive them for their distaste for our faith. It comes back to loving others as Christ loves you. What is your opinion on this?

[1] Achtemeier, P. J., Harper & Row, P., & Society of Biblical Literature. (1985). Harper’s Bible dictionary (1st ed.) (772). San Francisco: Harper & Row.


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