Beau Bokan and Lights on Relationships – Part 1

Beau Bokan and Lights share their thoughts on dating, relationships, and how they make their marriage work (Part 1).

  • They’re so cute OMG

  • Esther

    It´s nice to see you two giving some good advice 🙂 I wish I could have a relationship like yours, I wish you the best!!

  • kellin

    They’re both wearing stripes and beanies xD

  • Iamme

    You two are adorable.
    I cannot get over how cute of a couple you guys are. 🙂

  • Bradley Jones

    Thanks for this both of you guys, I know me and my awesome girlfriend are going through a long distance relationship and at times it had been tough because of that lack of communication between us but thank you so much for your input and helping reassure that confidence in our relationship! I wish I could of seen Beau tonight with blessthefall in Calgary but college is a kicker! Can’t wait for pt.2

  • Haley

    She waited until she met Beau?! Omg that is so cute….. (,: