Summer is drawing to a close. As we reflect on the incredible stories coming out of Vans Warped tour this summer, we’re humbled by the support we’ve experienced from volunteers and supporters who drive us to reach and impact so many. This summer we’ve literally taken razors out of people’s hands and prayed over them as we celebrated their freedom from self-harm. Truly we’re bringing hope to thousands as we refuse to see suicide, depression, or self-harm as an answer to anyone’s problems. Thank you for enabling us to do so.

Warped Tour 2017 – Our Brand New Success Story Map


The arms you see above belong to 3 people who met at Warped Tour this summer. One is Dallas, our HS intern, one is Madison from the nonprofit I Am Second, and the other is Kyleigh’s. You can’t see all of Kyleigh’s arms, but if you could, you’d notice the scars. Because of a sexual assault incident when she was younger, Kyleigh just didn’t know how to put the razors down. She’d even accepted Christ recently, but just couldn’t find the courage to stop. Until she came to Warped Tour. The tiny white box up there in Madison’s palm is filled with the razors Kyleigh used to harm herself. Today it’s in a landfill. Where it belongs.

See all of our Warped Tour stories here with our new Success Story Map.

Rewrite progress

A member of our community shares an image of our new book

The response to our first book about Self-Harm have been astonishing. We’ve sold more copies in this first month than 80% of all books on Amazon last year, and we’ve received positive feedback on our forums that the book is helping many navigate through their struggles. Now we’ve got our Press Agent pitching the book to dozens of news outlets, and we’re also reaching out to the Director of the National Counselors Organization. Kevin Lyman, the man who runs Vans Warped Tour, also donated so that we could distribute the book for free at the festival late this summer.

Here’s a quote directly from our forums about the book:

“I am not sure if you have heard about the book written by heartsupport called Rewrite. Well if not it is a book about self harm. I personally am in the middle of the book and have found it to be the most help in my knowing a lot about my issues with self harm. I feel however this book is very good for more than that. If you have yet to get the book go to this book has literally helped me a lot.” -Ashandis (forum)

Online Impact

We did some math. In July our constituents viewed 190,000 minutes of our encouraging content- our blogs, band videos, and Support Wall are reaching thousands. And that number doesn’t count everyone we met on Warped Tour or those reading ReWrite!


While this summer has been incredibly fulfilling with many people experiencing healing, it’s also been a rough one for the team. It seems at every turn we’ve been faced with adversity, but we also know that when adversity, suffering, and hardship strike, it’s an opportunity to grow and learn. There’s been a lot of personal hardships for our team members with illness or family. But the icing on the cake was a few days ago when the bus we rented for the summer gave out.  Unfortunately, we had to skip Warped Las Cruces while the team flies out to California to finish the Tour. Finances haven’t been where we’d like them to be either, but in these difficult times, we’ve chosen to forgo “grinding out” work and fretting anxiously over our future. Rather, we’ve turned to prayer and God to bring us the reinforcements we need for the battle we’re waging. Many of you Amplifiers that came out to Vans Warped Tour noticed that we’ve even stopped actively selling shirts for the cause (believe us- that was more difficult!). But, as we think you’ll agree, the stories of those we’ve met have been astounding.

In these difficult times, we remember and cling to one fundamental truth: it’s always darkest before the dawn.