A trophy in the closet.



A trophy in the closet.

How many of us have been a part of a team when we were kids? Baseball, basketball, soccer. You get that trophy or medal at the end of the season. You place them on shelf along with the other trophies you’ve gotten in the past.

Those are your prizes! Your trophy of success, of accomplishment!

What did you have to do to get those trophies? Sweat, practice three times a week, learn to work with a team of people. I remember hearing all the time, “There is no “I” in the word “TEAM.” Maybe you stayed up late nights developing your craft – shooting hoops, or running. Maybe you studied other players in the game to learn how to be better, or memorized plays for the scrimmage the next day.

Whatever you did, you had to fight for it. You had to sweat for it. You had to sacrifice your time for it, and it all led up to that day when you were awarded that one trophy.

The point is: this is life.

You are fighting, sweating, sacrificing, and learning. You are growing and working hard for this life.

Your drive is still the same, so it’s important to apply that ambition, hard work and energy into what it is you want to do with life.

Nothing worth fighting for comes with ease, and the best rewards in life come with great struggles, long days, sweat and tears. If it’s easy to get, it’s not what you want.

So when you think of your goals and what you want to be when you “grow up,” think of those trophies you have in your closet and remember that the work pays off. It’s generic, but true. Quitters never win and winners never quit.

“Hard days are the best because hard days make champions.”

-Gabby Douglas, 2012 gold medalist



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  • Christian Powell

    Just what I needed to finally jump into actually pursuing my dream. Got lost for a little but now I’m back at the humbling feet of my Creator. God bless and thanks for what you do. See you the 23rd in AZ

  • Bonni Levy Greiner

    Great post Jake! And you are living it! Praise the Lord!

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