A season of Discouragement.


I’ve recently come out of a season of discouragement and what I’ve learned is worth sharing. I was feeling that I could never be good enough, that I will never be where I want to be. The insightful truth to this is that I was right. I won’t ever be where I want to be. However, I AM good enough. I’ve realized that in regards to my lifestyle, yes, there are things that need to change. At times, it’s easy to snap at some of the people who are closest to me, and often I am quick to not listen or hear others out.

It wasn’t that I thought I was better than anyone, but more so, that I am keenly aware that no one is higher than God. I had such a passion to hear Him, but not really anyone else. The problem with that is God can speak to you through others, so sometimes I was turning my cheek to God so much as I was to that person. I consider this foolishess, so why did I do it? Is it because I feared what they will say? Or what HE will say? Is it because as soon as they’d strike a chord with something personal in my life, I want to start an argument? Why is it that we dislike correction? Why do we despise others telling us what is wrong with us? Why do we choose to live in denial? It takes a real man to live in truth, and to accept truth, even when it hurts…

We always want to supercede each other, or believe we have the answers to every question we are faced with. That is an obvious issue of pride. I think for a man to sit there and discuss something with his wife and say, “I don’t know the answer” can be difficult, but what is so wrong with not knowing? It’s okay to not know, but now it’s up to you to find the answer! Don’t just sit and spend your whole life not knowing; go out and find the answer. And when someone is giving you that answer, that truth, buckle up and go for the ride, and really open your ears. It’s never good to walk around deaf, or blind, or both.

My best friend tells me things about myself that I don’t want to hear, but they are things that need to be brought to my attention. It is up to me to fix them and work on them as best as I can to be a better person. Accepting rebuke, by receiving it and following through with action and change, brings you a step closer to being perfect. And to be perfect is to be like Christ. So while I was dwelling in my discouragement, what I really needed to do is understand the problem, listen to rebuke and work on bettering myself. That will bring me closer to Christ, and to be like Him is what I desire. This process brings me beyond just “good enough.”

This season has taught me to seek truth, accept proper rebuke, and by doing so you are armoring yourself for what God has intended for you to do with your life. God is always building you to conquer the next thing He has planned. This only happens if you let Him and are willing to work for it. It’s a relationship.


-Jacob Luhrs

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  • david

    This is exactly where I am in my life.I thank you for writing this,It opened my eyes and opened me up to God in more ways than one.Thank you.

  • Jacobluhrs

    well i’m really glad it could encourage you! And opened your eyes. Thanks for reading!

  • Chris

    hey jake! first of all, i love ABR and want to congratulate you and your band on such masterful music. secondly, i want to thank you for choosing to share this with us, as i too have felt discouraged recently. our discouragement is not completely sync’ed in regard to circumstances, and yet i draw encouragement and Godly insight from reading it, and i’m always looking for more Jesus in my life. lastly, i watched your video testimony and i’ve gotta say, i’ve got mad respect for you bro, and mad respect for the God that saved you. i’m glad you’re still alive, man, you’re an inspiration and a beacon of hope for God’s redeeming grace. so thank you, jake, and may God bless you

  • James Toonk

    Bam! Great timing there Jake! I was at a point in life where i’ve been thing that I am not good enough… thanks for the read man. It was really encouraging!

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