A Christmas Story

My son, it’s time! Your journey is starting, your time awaits and the people have waited long for you. Signs and wonders have been said about this time to come.

But Dad…I don’t know if I want to do this. I mean…death? I know this idea is crazy, but I don’t know…I mean I’m going to die, and not just die, but I’m going to be brutally murdered, and even then some people aren’t going to care. I just wonder…is this really worth it, haven’t we done enough already?

My boy, we have, but there is more to be done. In the days after you have come and gone, there will be a time when many will receive us because of your sacrifice but there will also be many who don’t. We have to remember and remind that this is a gift, we can’t force it on anybody, but those who accept it accept something greater than just You and I, they will be with us forever. Think of it this way: there will be wars and protests done in your name, there will be murderers, rapists, liars, men and women who lie with each other outside of the gift of marriage, but also men and women who lie with the same as them that will accept you, and because of this, we accept them. There will be many who do ungodly acts that also claim to be with us, all the same though, there will be many who do the same things and don’t know us. Is one better than the other? No, because we love all. This is why you are going. The greatest act of love we can give them is that of ourselves and in turn teach them to love in the ways that we love. We aren’t here to force something upon anyone, but we are here to show grace in times of mistakes. You must show them something different, an example, and while many will say they are with you, they will not look like it. And some will grow into it, while others will never grasp it. But that’s ok, because we are love, and if someone truly is with us and us in them, they will learn our ways of love. They will then love the sinners, they will love the good doers, they will hopefully love them the same, un-judgmentally and without blame, not pointing fingers, but a walking beside love that goes through good and bad with others. Your first and foremost desire will to be a light among the darkness, showing love to all and teaching the ways of us however that may be. Whether it is a man who has shown love to someone other than his wife, a woman who has sold herself, or someone who has laid with another like them, it does not matter…they are all our children and should be loved like so. They are not to be separated based on degree of wrongs, because all are the same in our eyes, yet they are to be loved the same. Now, it is time for you to go. Know that I love you, I am always with you and you with me, if you ever need me…go somewhere by yourself, close your eyes, and talk to me…I will always listen and guide you. I love you. Now go, the shepherds have kept guard and there are men arriving, waiting on you.


Joseph, he’s perfect. Everything about him is perfect…I will name him Jesus.

We at HeartSupport love you so much. Through whatever decision, whatever you’ve gone through, and whatever is to come, we stand beside you. We want you to know we see you as Jesus sees you and strive to love you as He loves. Because of that, we want to extend an invitation for any and all to always be in contact with us about anything, as we will always be here for you to talk or guide. You are loved for who you are, and you will never be judged for who you are here. Stand with us. Be heard. Hold Fast…We Believe In You. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from the HeartSupport Staff.

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