VIDEO BLOG: “7 Truths about Fear” by Mark Driscoll

Here is a video we found on youtube of a message from Pastor Mark Driscoll on 7 Truths about Fear. Great watch!


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  • cityonahill

    Very interesting…. I see he is making a good point here, I think that fear of not knowing the future is a massive factor in a lot of decisions we make in life. It also relates to trust, in that a child completely trusts that their parent is going to catch them when they go down the slippery slide, so they have no fear that they might break their arm.

    I thought just now that’s why Jesus said to have ‘the faith of a child’. Completely trusting that our future is taken care of, and hence little or no fear of what the future holds for us.

    That being said, telling someone to have no fear is not always the easiest thing to act out… as Mark said, irrational fears are exactly that. A fear of something that makes no sense to anyone else can’t just be undone… Not without help, anyway.

  • Jacobluhrs

    Yeah, I thought this was really pretty great! Makes you think about things you fear in life and I think he gives a perspective that might make some people think. Thanks for checking it out! 

  • david

    Really great.Thank you Jake for posting this,I’ve never heard of Mark Driscoll but I like his points and directions in sermon.I watched his video on fear and lust too,and both were really true.It’s amazing how all we need is in Jesus and there’s no way around him.That’s the message that I’ve gotten from his videos.Fear,Jesus wants our trust and He always provides.Lust,instead of coveting what you “want” praise God for what you have.Really great Pastor.

  • Steve Furman

    This really makes sense, thanks for posting!! I’m gonna have to watch his other sermons on yt. 🙂

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