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There’s a study

About Rats in cages

In a famed TedTalk, journalist Johann Hari, shares how lone rats in a cage will always choose water laced with drugs over normal water. The same theory has been applied to humans. Give us drugs, social media, or a destructive coping mechanism (like self-harm) and over a span of time and we become addicted. Of course, if you live in isolation and have said-drug available, why wouldn’t you choose the relief over the isolation?

In another study, rats were put in cages with other rats to live in community and remain connected through play. Almost none of the rats drank the laced water, and those that did, didn’t use it habitually. Hari’s point? Connection breaks addiction.

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.”

That’s why

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Whether you’re struggling with an eating disorder, self-harm, drugs, too much time on social media, gambling, or tobacco, you’ll find other people willing to connect and walk through your struggle with you on our forum and live stream.

Workbooks And Courses

ReWrite: The Journey from Self-Harm to Healing


Most self-harm books are filled with medical terminology that reads like a dictionary. We changed that and are provided new tools and tactics for those who suffer and their families.


The 12 Steps


Did you know that Jake Luhrs, Ben Sledge, Nate Hilpert, and John Williford have been through the 12-Steps? That’s four of our staff including the founder of HeartSupport!

On our live streams and writings, you’ll hear us push the Steps often. The misconception is that you need to be an alcoholic or drug addict, but you can enter the 12-Steps for any addiction or hang-up. Many people have taken our advice, worked the steps in conjunction with community at HeartSupport and broken free.


Variations of the 12 Steps range from AA, NA, SLAA, and numerous faith based programs. Use the following links to search for a meting near you


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Life After A Recent Relapse

When I began slipping, instead of finding help, I hid.

When I began slipping, instead of finding help, I hid.


I Couldn’t See I Had an Eating Disorder

I Couldn’t See I Had an Eating Disorder

The hiding, the counting, and how you can be free

The hiding, the counting, and how you can be free

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Video Encouragement from your favorite Artists

Ryan Kirby shares about how drinking messed with his emotions

Donovan Melero details a hardcore drug addiction and how he broke free

Briton Bond shares how he had to give up alcohol for good

Additional videos can be found on our youtube channel

Discounted Counseling



Sometimes going through addiction means you need professional encouragement and resources. That’s why we partner with BetterHelp to offer 7 free days of counseling. Nervous about using an online counselor? Just know most all our staff use the service as well to stay up to date with their mental well-being. Be aware you’ll need to enter a credit card should you wish to continue, but you cancel anytime.


*if you purchase services from BetterHelp, a portion of those funds contributes to the mission at Heartsupport